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Jesse Erhartic - Digital Marketing Advisor

Jesse Erhartic – Digital Marketing Advisor

  • Small Business Owner. Small Business Advisor. Digital Marketing Expert.  
  • Former Vice President, Digital Marketing at Papa Gino’s Pizzeria & D’Angelo Grilled Sandwiches (200+ Location Restaurant Group)
  • Winner of Digiday’s “Best Content Marketing Program” for Chipotle’s million dollar “Food For Thought” initiative. 
  • Winner of MarTech’s Breakthrough Award for implementing “Best Mobile Messaging Based Marketing Solution” at Papa Gino’s Pizzeria & D’Angelo Grilled Sandwiches. 
  • Check out my full background here.

Who Am I?

I am an award-winning Restaurant Marketing Executive turned small business consultant.

I am a Digital Marketing Expert with over 15 years experience advising top brands on how to get the most out of their online presence.

I’ve provided strategy and consulted on award-winning marketing programs for top brands including Chipotle, Verizon, Scholastic and KeurigI’ve worked with upstart e-commerce retailers including Bonobos and Warby Parker to help establish and grow their business into Silicon Valley success stories.

As a member of the Executive Leadership Team at Papa Gino’s Pizzeria & D’Angelo Grilled Sandwiches, I built a digital marketing department and led the digital transformation efforts for two of New England’s most iconic restaurant brands, doubling online sales during my tenure.

My work has been featured by top media outlets including Bloomberg, Huffington Post, Mobile Marketer, and more. 

I started my consultancy, Digital Handyman Solutions, as a resource for small business owners. My mission is to introduce local businesses to the benefits of competing online.  

I also offer free one-on-one coaching for restaurant owners who have questions about digital marketing and how it can help grow their business.



How Can I Help Your Local Restaurant?

Knowledge is power. Work smarter, not harder. 

Before I was a consultant, I built an award-winning digital marketing department for a 200+ location restaurant group. Online sales doubled, new guest transactions spiked, and average online order value increased by over 20%. This led to millions of dollars in additional revenue 

I was able to accomplish this despite small budgets and a support staff that consisted of a single junior level employee. While it took a lot of hard work to build the foundation, I am grateful for that opportunity as I learned how to drive disruptive change on a tight budget.

Mobile phone showing search results for
 Rule #1: Put yourself in the consideration set.

One of the keys to our success is that we focused on competing locally.  We didn’t have the resources to do proactive outreach, so we focused on growing our presence wherever hungry people in our markets looked for inspiration. At the end of the day, the goal of every business is to be in the customer’s consideration set when purchase intent is highest. For restaurant owners, this means being present on sites like Yelp, Trip Advisor, and AllMenus. 

Every day, there are potential customers actively searching for restaurant recommendations in your area. You need to put your restaurant in front of them. Nobody is going to do this for you. 

The majority of searches related to the restaurant industry are defined as “discovery”, meaning people typically search by cuisine type or menu item rather than a restaurant’s name. It’s crucial that your menu is being distributed to all of the key sites in a format they can decipher. After all, there’s no way for Google or Yelp to recommend your famous chicken wings if they don’t know you sell them

  Rule #2: Local businesses are given priority by Google. Take advantage.

Google currently owns about 90% of the search market in the United States. Local SEO is arguably the biggest opportunity area for small business owners looking to get in front of customers in their service area. For an overview of how Local SEO works and why it’s so important for local businesses, check out my article here

Nearly half of all searches on Google now have local intent (“restaurants near me”). To account for this, Google gives priority to local businesses by listing them at the top of the search results page. These results are referred to as “The Local Pack” and they cost nothing. This is a tremendous opportunity to get the attention of customers in your area without having to pay for the exposure. Most of these users are trying to decide where they want to eat their next meal – as a restaurant, can you imagine a better time to get in front of them?

Digital marketing is not easy, but it’s not rocket science. The issue for many small businesses is that they know they should be taking advantage of digital marketing, but they don’t know where to start. I’ve helped over 250 businesses fix the issues that were holding them back from being discovered online and I can help you. 

 Don’t leave opportunity on the table or someone else will take it


Digital Marketing 101: Getting Found Online.

Get a FREE Digital Audit. No Strings attached.

Free Digital Audit for Local Restaurant Owners

Take a peek behind the curtain and see if your restaurant is set up to succeed within your local market. With the help of specialized tools and over 15 years of industry knowledge, I can help answer questions such as:  

  • What information do sites like Google, Yelp, Trip Advisor, Facebook, Door Dash, All Menus, Yahoo, and the Yellow Pages have on your restaurant? Is it accurate? 
  • Is your menu information being properly distributed to top sites such as All Menus, Yelp, Trip Advisor, and Allergy Eats? 
  • What do people throughout your service area see when they search for restaurant recommendations?
  • Does Google have enough information on your restaurant to recommend you for unbranded (“pizza”, “chicken wings”, “Italian food”) or contextual (“open now”, “near me”, “restaurants that deliver”) queries? 

I’ll show you how you rank, where you rank, and provide insights into how you can improve. Request a free audit today and decide for yourself if there’s opportunity to grow your business online. No strings attached. 

Questions? Comments?

Have a burning question? Send me a message below and I’ll get back you to right away!

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